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Sales & Marketing shouldn’t fly blind

Close more deals
Prioritize prospects based on competitors and integrations
Ramp up MQLs
Run high targeted marketing campaigns
Decrease churn
Equip your CSMs to spot churn risk at scale
Expand accounts
Identify additional opportunities in your current customer base
“With Ravel, our Success Team shifted from uncertainty to confidence. We can now identify active customers, measure new customer adoption, and gain competitive insights. Thanks to Ravel, we're no longer flying blind - we're navigating with clear vision and purpose.”
Matt Strelecki
VP of Customer Success
“Whenever a competitor raises prices, experiences an outage, or forces a migration, we now spin up a targeted campaign in less than a day.  Ravel has transformed our sales approach to be highly targeted and informed."
Brian Byersdorf
Director of Product Marketing
"The team at Ravel helped us narrow our focus and identify our true ideal customer profile as we prepare to bring a new product to market."
Kirby Langley
Sales Director
"Generic data enrichment wasn't moving the needle for us. We tried various providers over the years, and Ravel was the only group to uncover exactly what we needed for our niche vertical. The best part is that our teams fully trust the data."
Anzhela Storozhenko
Sr Technical Program Manager

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