Empower Sales with Game-Changing Data

Unlock sales opportunities with Ravel's industry-specific data, tailored to pinpoint your ideal prospects and enhance your outreach strategies.

Strategic Advantage

Cut through your long leads list to find the best opportunities and develop the best plan of attack.

Unlock Competitor Insights
Gain visibility into your competitor’s customers, equipping your team with data to target them effectively.
Integration Partner Synergy
Target accounts using your integration partners and showcasing seamless tech stack integration.
Seamless Consolidation Appeal
Identify and approach organizations using disparate tools, offering them a unified, integrated solution.
Personalized Prospect Engagement
No more embarrassing emails that were based on bad account intelligence
Prioritize with Predictive Analytics
Utilize advanced predictive analytics to optimize your outreach, focusing on accounts with the highest fit scores.
Ravel Data is Trustworthy
Ravel doesn't rely on 3rd party data for our technology insights (for good reason)

Playbooks for Sales

Navigate the sales landscape with targeted strategies, leveraging Ravel's precise data to win over high-potential prospects and neutralize competitors.


1. Competitor Takedown

With Sales Battlecards in hand, exploit competitor shortcomings by directly targeting their customer bases.
  • Identify a specific competitor's customers
  • Deploy targeted campaigns showcasing your unique value proposition
  • Organize Sales Teams around incumbent competitors so that AEs are well-informed on how to position against specific competitors
  • Quickly react to market changes, like a customer announcing a price increase

2. Lean on Integration Partners

Enhance your appeal by showcasing synergies with prospects' existing tech stacks early in sales conversations.
  • Identify accounts using your integration partners
  • Communicate value through existing tech stack compatibility
  • Align your offerings with their current solutions

3. All-in-One Consolidation

Offer all-in-one solutions to prospects juggling multiple, non-integrated tools.
  • Spot prospects using disparate tools
  • Present a consolidated, holistic solution with focus on ease of native integration
  • Highlight potential cost savings and efficiency gains by replacing disparate tools with an all-in-one solution

4. Rank Prospect Lists by Fit

Precision-target your outreach by prioritizing high-fit prospects using predictive analytics.
  • Ravel performs detailed analysis on your existing customer base to create an ICP profile
  • Use machine learning to apply findings to every opportunity in your vertical market
  • Provide an all-up Fit Score for every account
  • Strategically focus your outreach to maximize conversion potential

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Books & Reports

State of the Industry publications based on Ravel's findings



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Other Solutions

Ravel equips Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams with the insights they need to dominate their verticals



Run hyper-targeted campaigns
  • Personalized Campaigns
    Utilize rich, industry-specific data to create targeted marketing strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence
    Integrate sales battle cards and competitor insights into your marketing collateral
  • Customer Stories
    Match testimonials and case studies to prospect profiles for more compelling messaging

Customer Success

Monitor customers to find opportunity
  • Proactive Monitoring
    Receive real-time alerts to monitor account health and prevent churn.
  • Intelligent Onboarding
    Utilize tailored data for effective and efficient customer onboarding.
  • Upsell Strategy
    Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with comprehensive customer insights

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