Customer Success

Elevate Customer Success with Account Intelligence

Elevate your Customer Success strategy with Ravel, utilizing deep, actionable insights to proactively nurture, defend, and expand your customer accounts in a data-driven manner.

Strategic Advantage

Empower your customer retention and expansion efforts with strategic, data-driven interactions tailored to their unique needs.

Reveal Silent Churn
Detect and address inactive users that have dropped your product from their website
Guard Against Competition
Receive alerts on competitor invasion, enabling timely customer safeguarding and re-engagement
Cross-Sell Strategically
Spot opportunities to introduce additional products, aligning with customers’ tech usage and needs
Accelerate Adoption
Monitor and optimize the customer onboarding journey, ensuring smooth and timely product integration
Ravel data is trustworthy: we can tell you when and where it was derived
Ravel Data is Trustworthy
Ravel doesn't rely on 3rd party data for our technology insights (for good reason)

Playbooks for Customer Success

Drive Retention and Expansion by proactively navigate customer journeys with sharp, data-backed insights that fuel retention and growth strategies.


1. Uncover Hidden Churn

Minimize revenue leakage by detecting and addressing churn indicators early in the customer journey.
  • Detect customers who have removed your product from their website
  • Engage with them to understand reasons and potentially recover the account
  • Empower CSMs to prevent churn through discounting or other objection-handing strategies
  • Use insights to prevent future similar occurrences

2. Block out Competition

Fortify your customer relationships by promptly addressing competitive threats and reinforcing your unique value.
  • Receive alerts when competitor products appear on your customer’s website
  • Engage customers promptly, reinforcing your value proposition
  • Explore upsell or cross-sell opportunities to fortify your position

3. Spot Cross-sell Opportunities

Maximize account value by identifying and acting on precise cross-sell opportunities derived from clear, actionable insights.
  • Identify inferior competitor products your offerings could replace
  • Leverage this insight to highlight integration and efficiency benefits to the customer
  • Implement targeted communication that addresses specific customer needs

4. Measure Onboarding

Ensure successful customer onboarding by monitoring, analyzing, and proactively addressing onboarding timeframes and obstacles.
  • Monitor the time it takes for your product to be deployed on a customer's website
  • Identify and reach out to customers struggling with the onboarding process
  • Use the data to refine and enhance your onboarding strategy

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Other Solutions

Ravel equips Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams with the insights they need to dominate their verticals



Prioritize your best accounts
  • Data-Driven Targeting
    Find and target competitors' customer lists
  • Automated Scoring
    Zero-in on leads where you're most likely to win
  • Actionable Insights
    Make informed, quick decisions with customized workflows


Run hyper-targeted campaigns
  • Personalized Campaigns
    Utilize rich, industry-specific data to create targeted marketing strategies
  • Competitive Intelligence
    Integrate sales battle cards and competitor insights into your marketing collateral
  • Customer Stories
    Match testimonials and case studies to prospect profiles for more compelling messaging

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