Targeted Marketing through Account Intelligence

Use detailed, industry-specific data to run campaigns and directly address your target's needs and challenges

Strategic Advantage

Leverage precise, actionable data to create campaigns that resonate, driving engagement and conversion through deeply tailored messaging and strategic targeting.

Customized Segmentation
Craft meticulously tailored segments using vertical-specific criteria
Align Case Study Resonance
Deploy pertinent case studies that mirror prospect profiles
CAC:LTV Strategy
Tailor efforts by balancing acquisition cost to potential lifetime value
Personalized Prospect Engagement
No more embarrassing emails that made a false assumption based on bad
Prioritize with Predictive Analytics
Utilize advanced predictive analytics to optimize your outreach, focusing on accounts with the highest fit scores
Ravel Data is Trustworthy
Ravel doesn't rely on 3rd party data for technology insights (for good reason)

Playbooks for Marketing

Elevate your marketing campaigns with playbooks designed to leverage specific, actionable insights from Ravel's comprehensive data, ensuring every message resonates powerfully within its intended audience.


1. Steal the Sales Battlecard

By already knowing incumbent competitors, leverage sales strategies in early marketing conversations.
  • Identify key differentiators and successes from sales battlecards
  • Integrate these insights into initial marketing communications
  • Highlight specific competitor shortcomings relevant to prospects
  • Engage prospects with sharp, insight-driven narratives at first touch

2. Segment on your Terms

Establish potent, vertical-specific segmentation that resonates with prospects.
  • Isolate critical, industry-specific variables for targeted segmentation
  • Develop tailored messaging for each nuanced segment
  • Employ Ravel data to validate and refine segmentation strategies
  • Assure your messages hit the mark in every campaign

3. Match your Case Studies

Deliver case studies that reflect your prospect, including the current competitor tool matched with the previous tool in the case study.
  • Utilize Ravel’s nuanced data to pinpoint parallel customer journeys
  • Match prospects with case studies mirroring their pain points and competitor interactions
  • Guide prospects through a story of transformation that feels remarkably familiar

4. Balance CAC to LTV by Prospect

Strategically allocate efforts based on estimated opportunity size and conversion probability.
  • Employ Ravel’s data to discern the balance between CAC and predicted LTV
  • Ensure marketing and sales efforts are proportionately allocated
  • Optimize your team’s energy and resources, ensuring every effort is economically justified

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Books & Reports

State of the Industry publications based on Ravel's findings



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Other Solutions

Ravel equips Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams with the insights they need to dominate their verticals



Prioritize your best accounts
  • Data-Driven Targeting
    Find and target competitors' customer lists
  • Automated Scoring
    Zero-in on leads where you're most likely to win
  • Actionable Insights
    Make informed, quick decisions with customized workflows

Customer Success

Monitor customers to find opportunity
  • Proactive Monitoring
    Receive real-time alerts to monitor account health and prevent churn.
  • Intelligent Onboarding
    Utilize tailored data for effective and efficient customer onboarding.
  • Upsell Strategy
    Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with comprehensive customer insights

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