Winning New Customers Following a Competitor's Acquisition

How Ravel's Findings Empowered Pushpay to Capitalize on a Competitor's Acquisition.
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Pushpay is a 350-person donation management provider focused on serving US churches, offering a seamless digital giving experience. Historically, the company relied on Account Executives (AEs) and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) to input customer data into Salesforce. Although this method worked to some extent, it often led to unreliable and outdated information.

When a major competitor announced a forced product migration due to an acquisition, Pushpay saw an opportunity to capitalize on the market disruption and target those customers considering a switch.

To do this, Pushpay required account enrichment to accurately identify their competitor's presence within church websites.

“Whenever a competitor raises prices, experiences an outage, or forces a migration, we now spin up a targeted campaign in less than a day. Ravel has transformed our sales approach to be highly targeted and informed."

Brian Byersdorf
Director of Product Marketing

The Problem

The primary issue lay in the lack of reliable and up-to-date information about the competitor's customer base. With a competitor's acquisition forcing customers to migrate, Pushpay needed to identify and understand these potential accounts quickly and accurately to initiate a targeted campaign. The challenge was compounded by historical issues of data integrity in their Salesforce records, making it crucial to source dependable information.


  • Unreliable and outdated customer data in Salesforce
  • Short window of opportunity following the competitor's acquisition announcement
  • Lack of specific, account-level data for effective targeting

The Solution

Ravel used proprietary web-crawling algorithms to scan the websites of Vanco's customers, identifying the presence of competitors as well as Vanco's products. Customer Success was able to spin up campaigns to re-engage customers that had fallen off and defend against incoming competitors, gaining exclusivity.

Key Outcomes

  • Quickly identified 2,460 target competitor customer accounts
  • Secured $108K in new annual recurring revenue
  • Ensured synchronized marketing and sales initiatives

Pushpay saw an opportunity to pivot and attract new customers. When a main competitor announced a forced product migration following an acquisition, it was clear there was a ripe opportunity to target affected accounts. Pushpay, a digital donation and payment system, aimed to propose its platform as an optimal alternative for organizations compelled to switch solutions due to the competitor's change.

Historically, data management had been a challenge for Pushpay, with reliance on manual input from AEs and SDRs into Salesforce occasionally leading to unreliable or outdated data. This raised concerns when considering the accuracy and reliability of the data to be used for a critical marketing campaign.

Partnering with Ravel provided a turning point, with its capacity to crawl data and uncover fresh and reliable insights about the target customer accounts. Ravel successfully identified all 2,460 target competitor customers, providing not only technological insights at an account level but also crucial segmentation data. This rich, reliable dataset was a foundation upon which Pushpay could construct a solid, targeted campaign.

The marketing team at Pushpay orchestrated a strategic email campaign, utilizing a sales battlecard to highlight distinctive aspects of their platform. Key elements of the campaign included differentiating Pushpay from the target competitor, emphasizing tools used by the account that integrated with Pushpay, and sharing relevant case studies from lookalike customers. Every aspect of the message was crafted with precision, aiming to resonate with specific needs and challenges experienced by the target accounts.

Follow-up was crucial. The sales team, armed with insights from the marketing campaign and robust data, reached out to decision-makers through direct phone calls, further solidifying the message and addressing any queries or concerns.

The outcome was favorable for Pushpay, securing new, large customers, including a substantial network of churches, and accumulating an additional $108K in new ARR. The campaign wasn’t just a one-off initiative but a cohesively planned and executed strategy, where synchronized efforts between sales and marketing, backed by reliable data, navigated Pushpay to successfully leverage a timely market opportunity.

Pushpay continues to use Ravel to steer its go-to-market campaigns, now expanding its reach across 180K+ churches. The deep insights garnered from Ravel’s data allow Pushpay to precisely identify and understand the usage of various technological tools among these entities, including giving providers, Church Management Software (ChMS), website builders, and more.

By ensuring that marketing and sales efforts are acutely aligned with potential clients' existing tools and pain points, Ravel has empowered Pushpay to navigate its market with informed precision, ensuring resources are optimally utilized and campaigns hit the mark.

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