How Ravel Helped Vanco Optimize Customer Success

Navigating a large customer base, Ravel narrowed-in on specific high-value opportunities for Customer Success.
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Vanco has been a cornerstone in community organization growth for over three decades.

Specializing in streamlining administrative processes and event organization, they are the trusted partner for more than 40,000 churches, faith-based groups, nonprofits, and educational organizations. With a dedicated workforce of over 350 employees, Vanco excels in offering secure, everyday payment and donation processing solutions.

Vanco aims to not only simplify organizational workflows but also empower their customers to focus more on their core mission rather than administrative hassles.

”With Ravel, our Success Team shifted from uncertainty to confidence. We can now identify active customers, measure new customer adoption, and gain competitive insights..."

Matt Strelecki
VP of Customer Success

The Problem

The primary challenge for Vanco was customer management at scale. With such a large customer base, Vanco’s Customer Success team found it difficult to prioritize touchpoints with clients. The team desired actionable data to focus on high-priority areas that would lead to increased expansion revenue and improved logo retention.


  • Identify "hidden" churn and re-engage customers
  • Uncover cross-sell opportunities where customers utilize competitor tools
  • CSMs to focus high-value opportunities within customer base

The Solution

Ravel used proprietary web-crawling algorithms to scan the websites of Vanco's customers, identifying the presence of competitors as well as Vanco's products. Customer Success was able to spin up campaigns to re-engage customers that had fallen off and defend against incoming competitors, gaining exclusivity.

Key Outcomes

  • Ravel used web-crawling to scan customer websites quickly and at scale
  • Based on Ravel data, the customer base was segmented into 4 key groups
  • Vanco CSMs organized its outreach strategies based on findings and saved 40+ accounts in the first 60 days

In the competitive realm of payment services, prioritizing customer satisfaction is paramount for Vanco, a company catering to over 40,000 organizations. However, managing customer interactions effectively across such a vast clientele is challenging due to the sheer volume.

Ravel played a pivotal role by providing actionable playbooks based on their insightful data analysis. As an example, when customers were found to be using a competitor alongside Vanco's services, proactive steps were taken to secure exclusivity. In cases where customers were on the verge of churning, interventions by the Customer Success team led to their retention. Ravel's data-driven insights directed the team's focus, enabling Vanco to excel at delivering exceptional customer success.

What sets Ravel apart is its ongoing data refresh, ensuring that Customer Success Management (CSM) activities are not isolated actions but integrated into their ongoing operations to support customers. Additionally, Ravel isn't your typical data provider; their team possesses a deep knowledge of the church technology sector, which is a true differentiator in the data world.

For Vanco, Ravel was more than just a solution provider; it became an integral part of their customer success journey. This partnership ensured that every customer interaction, touchpoint, and decision was not merely guided by data but enriched with insights and driven by a commitment to making a significant impact.

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